AYANEO's latest range of devices is mining nostalgia, with the Retro Mini PC AM01 and Pocket S looking to appeal to retro gamers – despite the fact that the tech inside both is a little more modern.

Two other parts of the company's 'Remake' line are the Flip DS and Flip KB, Windows-based devices that use the iconic clamshell design seen in the Nintendo DS and 3DS family of systems.

AYANEO has now released a video showing the Flip DS in action, running at an impressive 28W.


"AYANEO FLIP DS innovatively replicates the classic dual-screen design, expanding the wonderful gaming and convenient software experience with its upper and lower dual screens," says the company. "The unique AYANEO Remake philosophy is vividly reflected. Equipped with a silky smooth 120Hz high-refresh-rate screen for the first time, paired with the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U processor and robust 28W TDP cooling, the cooling performance of the 7" dual-screen flip handheld is also so outstanding. Only AYANEO can do this!"

Both the Flip KB and DS will be crowdfunded via IndieGoGo. You can register your interest here.