Image: Blue Scuti / Willis Gibson

13-year-old Willis Gibson made headlines this week by becoming the first person to 'beat' Tetris on the NES – 34 years after it was first released.

Gibson – who goes by the name Blue Scuti and has been playing the game since he was 11 – has, according to The Oklahoman, dedicated the incredible achievement to his father Adam Gibson, who passed away on December 14th of last year at the age of 39 – a week before his son managed to beat the game.

The teen made headlines for a second time when a Sky News reporter appeared to pour scorn on his feat, claiming he should "go outside" and "get some fresh air."

Sky News journalist Jayne Secker added that "Beating Tetris is not a life goal".

Speaking on Facebook, Gibson's mother, Karin Cox, said: "It's crazy to think he is a professional Tetris player and one of the best in the world. He makes more money every month from this than I ever did as a teenager."

Amazingly, Gibson's Twitch account was suspended following his achievement. His mother is now trying to get it reinstated.

[source eu.oklahoman.com]