Pocket S
Image: Aya Neo

Update [Fri 26th Apr, 2024 15:00 BST]: The IndieGoGo campaign for the AYANEO Pocket S is now live.

The Android-based handheld starts at $399 for the 1080p version and goes all the way up to $659 for the top-end 1440p version.

Pocket S
Image: Aya Neo

Update [Fri 1st Dec, 2023 13:20 GMT]: AYANEO has given an updated look at its upcoming "high-end" handheld, the AYANEO Pocket S in a new video on its YouTube channel posted yesterday (thanks Retro Dodo for the spot!)

The video features 8 minutes of gameplay footage of Honkai: Star Rail being played on the handheld and also offers a closer look at some of the tweaks that have been made to the device since we last covered it.

The most prominent change appears to come in the form of a new and improved, thicker-looking D-Pad, which addresses some of the concerns players had with the initial design back in August.

You can watch the full video below:

Original Story [Thu 24th Aug, 2023 10:45 BST]: Yesterday, AYANEO announced yet another Android-based handheld it will be bringing to the market called the Pocket S (as spotted by RetroDodo).

The device will notably take advantage of the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 and will according to AYANEO's website boast "X86-level heat dissipation performance".

As suggested by RetroDodo, it should easily be capable of emulating games for GameCube, Switch, Wii, and PS2, alongside other retro and modern machines. It also comes in black or white designs and features a slim, "bezel-less" look that's seemingly inspired by modern-day smartphones.

AYANEO hasn't announced the full specifications for the device just yet, or even a price, or a planned release date, but we'll try and keep you updated as we learn more. For now, you can see more photos of the new device below taken from AYANEO's website.

[source retrododo.com]