Aya Neo Pocket DMG
Image: Aya Neo

Chinese firm AYANEO has really shaken things up in the portable hardware space via its range of powerful handheld PCs, but the company is branching out with its range of retro-inspired products – the first of which, the AM01, is a mini PC with a case design based on the original Apple Macintosh.

AYANEO also has the Pocket DMG as part of its 'Remake' line, a handheld device that calls to mind the classic monochrome Game Boy. AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang has been speaking to Retro Dodo about the company and its products and has revealed that the Pocket DMG isn't the only retro handheld device it currently has in development.

"If everything goes smoothly, Pocket DMG is expected to be released between Q1 and Q2 of next year," Zhang tells Retro Dodo. "Meanwhile, we are also preparing another retro handheld with a completely different positioning from [the Pocket] DMG. I can only reveal this much for now."

AYANEO's product line also includes the Air 1S, Pocket Air and Air Plus.

[source retrododo.com]