Lunatic Fighters
Image: Davila Games

Brazil has a long history of supporting Sega systems, thanks largely to the success of distributor Tec Toy, which oversaw the release of the Master System, Mega Drive and Saturn in the country.

Today, there's still a strong sense of loyalty towards the company from Brazilian gamers, one of whom is Yuri d´Ávila, who founded Davila Games in 2007 with the intention of making games for the Master System and Mega Drive.

As well as working on porting Street Fighter Alpha to the Mega Drive, Davila Games is currently working on Lunatic Fighters, a one-on-one fighting game in which criminals are forced to fight each other in a mysterious tournament.

The game is currently in its crowdfunding phase at Catarse, and, at the time of writing, is about halfway to its goal. If you like the sound of a Mega Drive fighting game developed in Brazil, then head over and pledge your support.