Sonic Superstars
Image: Sega

Back in the 1990s, when Sega was still making hardware and giving Nintendo a run for its money, the "Sega Scream" was an integral part of the company's marketing in North America.

Many of Sega's commercials featured the scream at the end, and it came to underline the firm's unruly, outsider attitude – especially when compared to Nintendo's more family-friendly approach.

The scream – which was recorded by ad agency Colossal Pictures' staff director, Jimbo Matison – was used for much of the '90s before being briefly resurrected in 2000 at the behest of CEO Peter Moore in order to promote the Dreamcast.

Since then, the Sega Scream has become somewhat forgotten – until now. The company has just revived it for a Sonic Superstars commercial, which you can view below.

"We had a few issues with Sonic Superstars — the local co-op could have greatly benefited from split-screen support, and the online Battle Mode feels incredibly shallow and tacked on — but this is the first original 2D Sonic game that feels truly authentic to the Genesis titles without aping the classic pixel-art style, and for a lot of longtime fans, that's frankly an absolute miracle," said our friends over at Nintendo Life when they recently reviewed Sonic Superstars. "Zipping through the 12 zones in the excellent campaign made us feel like kids again, but it will also prove a great entry point for new players looking to see what all the fuss is about. Developer Arzest's reputation has taken a beating in recent years, but this is a triumphant effort from the studio and a great return for '2D' Sonic."

Update: As has been pointed out by some of our readers, Sega actually used the 'Sega Scream' to promote Sonic Frontiers – so it's not quite been forgotten, it seems!