Earlier this year, we told you about the YouTuber and creator Retro Relik's who created his own mini version of the Atari Lynx.

Well, as spotted by Ericlegeek84, it appears the YouTuber is at it once again, this time turning his attention to creating a modern version of a lesser-known Atari handheld, called the Atari Cosmos.

If you haven't heard of the Atari Cosmos before, we can't exactly blame you as the console, which was designed to project LCD games over interchangeable holographic backgrounds, was never released onto the market.

It was unveiled to the public at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 1981, with the base unit set to retail for roughly $100 and individual game cartridges like Asteroids costing around $10. For one reason or another, though, the console was never released, with only six devices being known about today (3 of which are claimed to just be empty shells). As expected, this has led them to be fairly valuable, with one partially working model selling on eBay for $7500 in 2010, according to the Handheld Museum.

Retro Relik's has therefore decided to make his own spin on the unreleased device, detailing the process in his latest video. The video, which is in French, shows a 3D render of the device, which he is calling the Atari Cosmos EVO, in addition to a prototype of the recreated casing and cartridge slot where the games will sit. Obviously, there's still a lot of work to go, with the system essentially amounting to a fancy casing at this point, but it's another fascinating project that is sure to interest fans of Atari's more obscure hardware history.

You can view the full video above for a closer look at the prototype. Be sure to subscribe to Retro Relik's for updates!

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