Atari Lynx Mini
Image: Retro Relik's

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Atari failed to wrestle away Nintendo's sizeable share of the handheld market with its colour handheld, the Atari Lynx. This has led many people to overlook the device when discussing the company's legacy today, with most simply lumping it in with the rest of Atari's missteps and mistakes from the era.

One person who hasn't forgotten about the old cat yet, however, is a French YouTuber by the name of Retro Relik's. In fact, they recently built their very own Atari Lynx Mini, which they demoed in a video uploaded to their YouTube channel along with a custom-made box (thanks @ericlegeek84!).

One of the main benefits of the emulation-based device is obviously that it is much smaller than its predecessor, meaning you can finally ditch those JNCO jeans and carry it around with you in a pair of normal-sized pants. It also has an IPS screen, leading to a much sharper overall image while playing through the Lynx library of games like Checkered Flag, Battlezone 2000, and Rampage.

At the moment, it is roughly 89% finished, with Retro Relik's revealing that there is still no way to recharge the device from an external port, but they're still working away on the project in their spare time.

You can watch the full video below (it's in French, so you may need to take advantage of YouTube's Auto-translate):

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