Atari Lynx Vikings Saga
Image: Songbird Productions

Despite being more advanced than the Nintendo Game Boy - being an amalgam of an 8-bit and 16-bit machine - Atari's handheld Lynx failed to wrestle a sizable share of the market away from the Japanese manufacturer.

Nevertheless, it still lives on today through an impressive homebrew community that is keeping the console stocked with brand-new games to try out. Recently, for instance, Songbird Productions, a company known for publishing games for old Atari platforms, tweeted that it was selling physical versions of three new games for the retro console. This included Critter Championship (Nomad Studio), Vikings Saga (Rygar), and CSS Traffic Regulation (Yatsuna Games).

Critter Championship is a mini-game collection, featuring some adorable Kirby-Esque characters battling it out across four modes. These include:

  • Canyons: Guide a spider to build bridges in order to avoid the critters falling into the pitfalls.
  • Showdown: Engage in a samurai showdown against the computer (game mode A) or a friend (game mode B). The higher number tells which player should attack. In case of a tie, the fastest to attack wins.
  • Jelly Jump: Transport eggs over a river while avoiding a fish-eating jellyfish!
  • Catch ’em: Rescue critters from a treehouse and guide them to an ambulance.

The second game Vikings Saga, meanwhile, is a straightforward 2D platformer and includes two carts. One lets you control a Viking named JP as he rescues a kidnapped fairy from an evil witch named Gryla, while the other has you play from the perspective of the damsel Hanna as she tries to find a way to escape the Witch's lair.

Last, but not least, is CSS Traffic Regulation, which is a match-three puzzle game. You play as an employee of the Congis Space Station Traffic Regulation service and must continuously match three ships together to remove them and avoid over-congestion.

These three games are available as boxed copies for $49.95 and are only available in limited quantities. It's a bit on the pricey side if you ask us, but if you're into collecting homebrew titles it might be worth a punt in an effort to expand your library of games.