The French developer Frogbull wowed Metal Gear Solid fans last month by getting a version of the 1998 tactical espionage game to run on a Sega Saturn emulator and now he is back with yet another impressive demo of a classic Metal Gear Solid game operating on an old Sega system.

Over the weekend, the modder announced across both Patreon and Twitter, that he had successfully put together a prototype of the 2001 sequel Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the Sega Dreamcast, posting a video of the demo to his YouTube channel (thanks Dreamcast Junkyard). Much like the Sega Saturn demo, it represents another fascinating 'What if?', giving a glimpse into an alternative timeline where Konami's critically acclaimed series was made available for Sega hardware.

The roughly 3-minute video starts by showing off a bunch of logos for the Dreamcast, Sega, and Konami, before displaying a menu where Frogbull loads an existing file from a Visual Memory Unit and is dropped into the Tanker prologue starring Solid Snake.

The video then shows Snake sneaking about a bit, opening lockers, before stumbling across a special tribute to Hidekazu Yukawa, the forming managing director of Sega during the Dreamcast days who featured prominently in Dreamcast's Japanese marketing campaign.

According to the original Patreon post, the demo was put together with Kazade's Simulant Engine (for Dreamcast, Linux, Windows, and OSX) and tools created by the individuals Jayveer and SecaProject.

You can watch the full video above.

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