Update #2 [Wed 3rd Jan, 2024 11:30 GMT]: Here's even more footage of Street Fighter Alpha / Zero running on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

Update #1 [Mon 19th Jun, 2023 10:05 BST]: Davila Games has posted some new footage of their attempt to bring Street Fighter Alpha / Zero to the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. This time the footage shows Ken and Ryu facing off against each other on Guy's home stage.

Again, the graphics don't necessarily compare to the versions that were officially released on more advanced hardware, but that's not really the point here. It's impressive to see the 16-bit system running the game at all, and the videos shown so far have been an incredible display of the system's versatility and Davila Games' passion for the Mega Drive / Genesis hardware.

We're looking forward to seeing how the project shapes up with further updates. You can check out the new video below:

Original Story [Sun 16th Apr, 2023 11:00 BST]: Quite a few exciting arcade ports have been announced for the Genesis / Mega Drive recently – including RoboCop and Final Fight – and we can now add the original Street Fighter Alpha / Zero to that list.

Built using Stephane-D's excellent SGDK development kit, the port is the work of Yuri d'Ávila (AKA: Davila Games) and is described as a "study for the creation of a fighting engine for Mega Drive using as a basis the game Street Fighter Zero from Arcade as a port."

While the visuals have taken a predictable hit, the sprites are decently sized and animated well; it shows just how adaptable Sega's 16-bit system is when placed in the right hands.

Released in 1995 on Capcom's CPS-2 arcade hardware, Street Fighter Alpha was succeeded by two sequels, the third of which is widely considered to be one of the best one-on-one fighting games of all time.

The original Alpha was ported to the Saturn, PlayStation and Game Boy Color, while its sequel, Street Fighter Alpha 2, would even get a SNES conversion.

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