Ghostbusters Special Edition
Image: BillytimeG

Ghostbusters - Special Edition, the amazing hack of Compile's 1990 Ghostbusters game on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, has been updated to version 1.2b, adding in "optional patches" which "complement the base game."

"Included [are] three special new costume colors to replace Pink," says BillyTime!Games, who created the hack alongside @masterlinkueibr and @days_danilo. "Also included is a patch to disable Soft Reset for when you need to button combo into your Everdrive menu without ending your game. With the new costume colors, let's talk about our self-titled wildcard system. We have chosen both the third color slot and Louis Tully to be our Wildcard slot for Ghostbusters - Special Edition mods. We are happy to announce additional colors and [characters] via this method!"

It would appear that the team behind the hack aren't done yet, either. "We are currently experimenting with new gameplay modifiers, and mechanics to complement the base game. We hope through this method that we can continue to surprise and excite players without diluting what made Ghostbusters - Special Edition a unique experience."

You can download Ghostbusters - Special Edition version 1.2b here.