Saga Frontier 2
Image: Square Enix

A character designer who worked on several games in Square Enix's SaGa series has dropped a pretty massive hint that we're going to get a re-release of SaGa Frontier 2 in 2024 (thanks, @Renka_schedule).

Tomomi Kobayashi, who worked on both SaGa Frontier and SaGa Frontier 2, published a post on her personal blog that made reference to a SaGa Frontier 2 release next year, and then edited out the mention. The blog post was discussing the 'Romancing SaGa Orchestra Festival 2023'.

The text (translated by Gamatsu) read:

Oh! That’s right! It looks like SaGa Frontier 2 is (maybe?) going to be released next year!! My illustrations are in the game! I hope you can look forward to it!!

The original SaGa Frontier – which launched on PlayStation back in 1997 – was remastered for PS4, Switch, PC, Android and iOS in 2021. Its 1999 PlayStation sequel has never been reissued in any form, which makes this news particularly welcome.

Reports that Saga Frontier 2 would be getting a new release circulated last year following a product listing for the game appearing online.