Prince of Persia SFC
Image: Masaya

Jordan Mechner's classic action-adventure platformer Prince of Persia has just received a new unofficial port to the Commodore Plus/4, as reported by IndieRetroNews.

Prince of Persia was originally released by Broderbund for the Apple II computer in 1989 and went on to become a successful franchise containing sequels, spin-offs, a movie, and various other pieces of media.

In the past, the original has been ported over to a bunch of different platforms but the Commodore Plus/4 has somewhat understandably never been on this list of machines due to it being discontinued in 1985 (four years before the game's release). For the longest time, the closest we got was an unofficial fanmade demo in 2007 from Guys From West and Absence and Wilds that featured monochrome graphics and just 5 screens, but this was eventually discontinued for unspecified reasons.

Recently, however, a new group comprised of Csabo, TCFS, and Unreal took it upon itself to bring the game over to the old computer and has succeeded in creating an astonishing port that is about as good as you could hope for from the Commodore machine.

This new port allows you to play the game from start to finish and features a much more diverse colour palette than the earlier attempt.

You can download it here if you're interested in giving it a spin.

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