Prince of Persia
Image: Broderbund

Broderbund's classic action-platformer Prince of Persia has been ported to a lot of machines since its original release on the Apple II in 1989 — both officially and unofficially. However, one platform that somehow escaped getting its very own version of the game for the longest time was the Vic-20 (the home computer originally launched by Commodore back in 1980).

Fortunately, though, this no longer seems to be the case, as a dedicated fan developer named 'LeChuck' revealed on the Vic-20 community forums earlier this month that they have recently created a new take on the classic game for the fully expanded Vic-20 (+35k, PAL only). This exciting news comes to us via IndieRetroNews, who had in turn heard about it through the YouTuber VIPER's Retrogame videos.

According to LeChuck's description of the project, they were inspired to take a crack at a version of Prince of Persia for the Vic-20 after seeing Nicodim's unofficial port of Prince of Persia for the ZX Spectrum and wondering whether something similar (to an extent) might be possible on the older machine.

As they explain, given the difference in available RAM from the Spectrum version, they had to simplify things slightly, as evidenced by the movements and the sword fighting, but they hope that people find it interesting enough to see the prince running and jumping through the various screens.

This VIC-20 version reportedly includes 9 levels in total, which are based on the first 9 levels of the original version, plus a final scene with the Princess.

If you want to give it a try, you can download it now from the Denial forums.

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