Prince of Persia Lost Crown
Image: Ubisoft

We're always up for more Prince of Persia here at Time Extension, but it would seem the recent announcement of The Lost Crown hasn't gone down all that well with some sectors of the gaming community.

The first trailer for the game has apparently received a lot of dislikes, and there are some who have taken issue with the way the hero looks in this upcoming game.

Rather brilliantly, Prince of Persia series creator Jordan Mechner has addressed the debate, pointing out that, from day one, the main character of the series hasn't had a fixed appearance:

Mechner has a point; the Prince has been everything from a blonde-haired Westerner to a Middle-Eastern hero and everything in between. Heck, he even had purple hair in the Mega CD version.

Despite the fact that you're not actually playing the Prince this time around (you play as Sargon, a warrior led by a team of royal soldiers who are on a mission to rescue the famous royal), we think Mechner's point still stands.

We personally love the look of the new game (it seems our friends at Nintendo Life agree) and can't wait to play it. Let us know what you think with a comment below.