Gran Turismo
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

It's easy to overlook the massive impact that the original Gran Turismo had on the world of gaming back in 1997. It was, for its time, the most realistic racing game on any console, and thanks to the fancy new 'Performance Analyser' it was capable of getting as much raw power out of Sony's 32-bit system as possible.

The end result was a title which thrilled players and gained massive sales – and established one of PlayStation's most famous franchises in the process. It's even being turned into a movie.

But we're not here today to talk about any of that – what we really want to settle relates to the music which plays over the game's still-stunning CGI introduction sequence.

In case you weren't aware, Japan and the West got two different introduction themes. For the Japanese release, Masahiro Andoh's Moon Over The Castle is used (this has become the signature tune of the franchise and has appeared in several of the sequels). Andoh is a member of the Japanese band T-Square, and his music would form the bulk of Gran Turismo's soundtrack in its native Japan.

However, in the West, it was presumably reasoned that Andoh's music wouldn't have the commercial edge required, so the soundtrack was entirely overhauled. Contemporary acts such as Feeder, Ash and Garbage were drafted in to provide the in-game music, while the introduction sequence was accompanied by The Chemical Brothers' superb remix of The Manic Street Preachers hit Everything Must Go.

For some people, Moon Over The Castle is forever associated with Gran Turismo; in fact, it has been used in the introduction for the Japanese version of every sequel so far. However, for many Western players, the timeless beat of that Chemical Brothers remix is seared into their memories, making it the definitive version.

But, nostalgia aside, which one is truly best? Vote below so we can answer this most burning of questions once and for all.

Which Gran Turismo 1 intro music is best? (118 votes)

  1. Moon over the Castle (Japan)41%
  2. Everything Must Go - Chemical Brothers Remix (NA/EU)48%
  3. I don't have an opinion either way11%