Prince of Persia
Image: Riverhillsoft

Prince of Persia is a game that's all about timing. Move too slowly or misjudge a jump and you'll end up wearing a brand-new suit made of spikes.

This is arguably why the original Sega Genesis / Mega Drive port of the game, released in 1994, can be so frustrating, with that port, in particular, introducing some noticeable input delays that change how you need to approach its challenging blend of parkour and sword-fighting.

But have no fear. Almost twenty-eight years later, a Brazilian home-brew developer, named Master Linkuei, seems to have fixed almost all of these issues, releasing a remaster of Domark's Mega Drive port with "better control timings, removed input delay, and smoother animations".

And that's not all, with the developer also including a list of some other additional fixes over on their YouTube channel, which goes as follows:

  • Gameplay timings to play and feel like the original PC version
  • Animations improved
  • Sword Fight System Fixed (Now you can make block attacks and counter-attacks
  • Removed Input Delays
  • Game speed Improved, no more slow ass Prince movements
  • Added Sound Effects and inserted in the right places based on the PC originals
  • Music and Jingles inserted in the right places
  • The Shadow stage + The Shadow fight fixed to be more accurate to the original version
  • Potion layouts fixed
  • Increased stage palettes variety for the dungeon stages
  • Added secret cheat codes via commands or Password secret keys
  • New Prince color skins via Password secret keys
  • MS-DOS Title Screen
  • New Screens for the main menu and intro
  • Added a final Jafar combat before the Princess room (based on the Japanese version)
  • & more

According to Master Linkuei, the main goal with the project is to bring the Mega Drive version closer to the Apple II, MS-DOS, and Macintosh versions. You can be the judge of how successful he was by downloading the game, and seeing it in action for yourself!