Image: Arcade1Up

Arcade1Up, the leading producer of at-home retro arcade machines, is joining up with the household tasks website Taskrabbit to hopefully make it easier than ever to assemble the retro games room of your dreams.

As part of this new partnership, Taskrabbit will offer a special service on its website that will let you hire someone to come to your home and assemble your Arcade1Up arcade or pinball machine for you. This will essentially remove the difficulty of having to put them together yourself, so you can simply look forward to playing the games instead.

In a press statement, David McIntosh, the head of brand and communications at Arcade1Up said the following about this partnership:

"Listening to our community has always been a top priority at Arcade1Up. We understand that the excitement of purchasing a new arcade machine can sometimes be hindered by the assembly process, despite how easy we've tried to make it. Partnering with Taskrabbit removes the biggest barrier to enjoyment: the setup. We can't wait to see all of the amazing home arcades that come about from this partnership."

Tamara Rosenthal, VP of marketing at Taskrabbit, meanwhile, added:

"Arcade1Up's innovative products are a perfect match for our assembly services. We pride ourselves in offering a convenient and affordable way to get help at home, so we are thrilled that we can help customers enjoy their Arcade1Up gaming experience almost immediately,"

The service doesn't look to be available in the UK or Europe at the moment but it should already be available to those in the US and Canada.