Time Crisis Arcade1Up
Image: Arcade1Up

Following earlier leaks, Arcade1Up has officially announced that it is producing a replica arcade cabinet for Namco's iconic Time Crisis.

Coming later this year, the cabinet will include a 17-inch LCD screen, two guns and a foot pedal (the latter being a requirement for Time Crisis' 'hide to reload' mechanic.

Also included are fellow Namco light gun classics Point Blank, Steel Gunner and Steel Gunner 2. The unit is coming later this year and will cost $750.

The company has also announced $500 deluxe-edition cabinets of Galaga, Street Fighter II, and Atari 50th Anniversary.

The original Time Crisis launched in arcades in 1995 and was ported to the PlayStation shortly afterwards. Four mainline arcade sequels followed, with 2015's Time Crisis 5 being the most recent. The series has also seen several spin-off games, such as Time Crisis: Project Titan and Crisis Zone.

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