More Namco Shmups Are Coming To Analogue Pocket And MiSTer 1
Image: Namco

FPGA developer Jotego has announced that those who support his Patreon will get access to four Namco shmups as part of this week's update.

The games are supported by the JTSHOUSE FPGA beta core and include Dragon Spirit (1987), Dangerous Seed (1989), Blast Off (1989) and Pistol Daimyo (1990).

In addition to this, Jotego has announced that his JTTMNT core (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, MIA and PunkShot) is finally ready for public release, so even those who aren't signed up to his Patreon can download it.

The JTMX5K core for Analogue Pocket – which currently supports the shooter MX5000 – is also public.