Gabriel Knight 2
Image: Sierra On-Line

The author and former Sierra On-Line designer Jane Jensen has revealed that she will be releasing the first part of a new Gabriel Knight adventure in the form of a digital book later this month and that she hopes to eventually expand it into a new Gabriel Knight game if circumstances allow.

The exciting news comes courtesy of a recent interview with Tech Talk's Daniel Albu, where the creator of the classic paranormal point-and-click adventure game series went over her time at Sierra-Online and talked a little bit about the recent Kickstarter for the Gabriel Knight-style album Son of Sequel, which she has been working on rewards for with her husband, the composer Robert Holmes (who also worked on the Gabriel Knight games).

As part of the interview, Albu asked Jensen about one of the more exciting incentives listed on the Kickstarter page, which teases "an all-new short story based within the Gabriel Knight Universe". This prompted the author to reveal the following about the story:

"I’ve been writing this big, epic, metaphysical thriller again. It’s called Babel and it’s almost ready to go to the publisher. And I’ve been working on that and Bob’s been bugging me for this GK story. I'm like, 'Yeah, I'll get to it when I'm done with this book.'

"[About a month ago] I had this dream […] with the complete plot for a new Gabriel Knight story. And I woke up and I was like, ‘What the hell?!’ I’m like scribbling, scribbling, scribbling. So I sat down that morning and I wrote the story, which is basically like the first chapter of a new Gabriel Knight story. [...] It’s so funny because my psyche has not been there. I haven’t been thinking I need a new Gabriel Knight story or even thinking about Gabriel Knight. So it’s just an amazing gift to have gotten that."

According to Jensen, she will release this opening chapter soon to backers of "Son of Sequel" and is currently in the process of having some art put together for it. She, however, went on to claim she "would like to make it a full game" and stated:

"Now that the licenses are with Microsoft, I think there’s at least a chance of that. Who knows."

You can watch the full video above or on YouTube here (the section referenced above starts at around 58 minutes in).

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