You Can Now Play 3DS Games Natively Via A Virtual Reality Headset 1
Image: Zion Grassl / Time Extension

3DS capture cards have been around for years now, but none of them feature the ability to capture a true 3D image which can be viewed with the correct hardware – until now, that is.

Loopy – the developer behind one of the oldest 3DS capture cards – has just released a beta version of their software which allows 3D capture on their latest New 3DS XL capture cards.

This means you can play 3DS games with a VR headset – something we recently tried out with the 3DS emulator Citra – with the benefit here that this isn't emulation; it's running on real hardware and won't suffer from any performance and compatibility issues.

As noted by Twitter user @Akfamilyhome, you can also use the console's 3D slider to get the three-dimensional sweet spot just right.

If you've got one of Loopy's New 3DS XL capture cards then you can grab the beta software here.