Street Fighter II
Image: Capcom

Legendary's live-action film adaptation of Capcom's classic fighting game series Street Fighter will arrive in theatres on March 20th, 2026, it was announced earlier this week (h/t: Hollywood Reporter!).

It was initially revealed back in April 2023 that the production company Legendary had acquired the movie and TV rights to Street Fighter and was planning to collaborate with the game developer/publisher Capcom on future projects.

A logo for a film was then revealed earlier this year, in April 2024, alongside the news that Danny and Michael Philippou — the directors of the hit 2022 horror film Talk To Me — were attached to direct the project.

Earlier this month, however, Danny and Michael Philippou departed the project over a scheduling conflict with their upcoming A24 movie Bring Her Back. This led to some worries that the project may now be in trouble.

Despite that, though, a release date for the project has now been announced, with Sony Pictures being responsible for the news.