Anbernic 40XX H
Image: Anbernic

Update [Thu 27th Jun, 2024 16:35 BST]: Anbernic has officially announced the RG40XX H following the recent leaks on the Chinese video-sharing website BiliBili (thanks Retro Dodo for the spot!).

As part of the announcement, Anbernic posted a video over on its YouTube channel demonstrating a bunch of classic games running on the device. This includes a range of games for the PSP, Dreamcast, N64, PS1, and more.

It also revealed a little more information about the device in the video description, including that it will be equipped with a 5G WiFi module, will feature an HDMI Out for displaying games on your TV and monitor, and that the RGB halo lights around the dual joysticks will be capable of displaying an incredible 16 million colours.

In addition to all of the above, the device will also support Moonlight streaming to play your PC games remotely, as well as Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity to connect to a wide variety of wireless controllers.

You can watch the demonstration of it below:

Original Story [Mon 24th Jun, 2024 12:45 BST]: A new near-complete handheld from Anbernic has leaked online on the Chinese video-sharing site BiliBili (as spotted by RetroHandhelds)

The new handheld, which is called the RG40XX, looks to borrow from the design of the RGCube with its RGB-lit analog sticks and will also contain the H700 chipset that was previously featured in the RG35XX Plus, RG35XX H, and RG35XX SP. It is expected to have a 4" screen and is reported to be output a resolution of 640 x 480.

No information has been revealed yet about battery life, pricing, or pre-order timings, but three colour options were shown in the video. These colours include grey, blue, and black.

We'll try and keep an ear out for official information as it arrives.