Buyers Of The Anbernic RG Cube Are Reporting Worrying QC Issues 1
Image: Anbernic

Anbernic's latest emulation handheld, the RG Cube, has caused quite a stir thanks to its square display, LED analog sticks and powerful chipset, but it would seem some customers are reporting issues with the first batch of systems.

As noted by the fine folks over at Retro Handhelds, there are reports that the initial batch of retail units have light bleed on the display. "We recommend not buying the Cube currently until we get a clear answer, and to request a refund or replacement if you are affected," adds the site.

Retro Game Corps, who covers pretty much all of Anbernic's devices, has stated that out of the three units he was sent by the company for review, two suffered from light bleed. "So, at the very least, Anbernic is capable of shipping these devices without light bleed, and that should be the standard."

However, another Twitter user claims that the retailer @gogamegeek has confirmed "none of their customers have had issues with RG Cube," and that the issue isn't as widespread as initial reports have made out.

Have you got your RG Cube? Are you happy with the display? Let us know below.

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