Silver the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Espio the Chameleon TUBBZ
Image: SEGA

Numskull Designs' range of cosplaying ducks, TUBBZ, is continuing to expand with three new characters joining its Sonic the Hedgehog range later this year.

Shifting away from the series' best-known stars like Sonic and Tails, who already have figures of their own, the company has opted to add Silver the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat and Espio the Chameleon to the collection. If you like your gaming merch to be a little more on the niche side, these could well be the perfect choice.

Pre-orders are open for all three as we speak, with all the links you need provided below. These listings are for First Edition models of each character, coming with their own bathtubs and 'First Edition' branding being featured on each figure's base and packaging.

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Here's a quick summary of each character should you need a catch-up:

Silver the Hedgehog – First seen in the 2006 game, Sonic the Hedgehog, time-travelling Silver has come from 200 years in the future to help Sonic and his friends in the TUBBZ pond - even in his ducky form he's determined to do whatever he can to save the world from the villainous Doctor Eggman!

Rouge the Bat – Enigmatic treasure hunter Rouge first appeared in the 2001 SEGA Dreamcast title Sonic Adventure 2, and has appeared in many more of the Sonic video games since then. Dressed in her signature black jumpsuit with heart chest plate and wearing powder blue eyeshadow with pink lipstick, we're sure Rouge will be using her feminine charm to her advantage in the TUBBZ pond!

Espio the Chameleon – Making his debut in the 32X-exclusive game, Knuckles Chaotix, Espio has gone on to appear in Sonic the Fighters, Sonic Heroes, and Shadow the Hedgehog, as well as being a cameo in several other Sonic titles. As a chameleon, he has the ability to blend into his environment - wonder if Sonic the Hedgehog and the rest of the TUBBZ will spot him as a duck?

This brings the total number of Sonic the Hedgehog TUBBZ figures to eleven, with the likes of Sonic, Shadow, Dr Eggman and more already released. You can browse all figures currently in stock at Just Geek, the official retail partner of the TUBBZ brand:

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