Legendary's Street Fighter Movie Is In Trouble 1
Image: Capcom

Legendary Pictures' upcoming Street Fighter live-action movie has been hit by a Dragon Punch in the breadbasket – it has lost its directors.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, siblings Danny and Michael Philippou – the duo behind the innovative horror movie Talk to Me – have been forced to walk away from the project.

The positive news is that this split isn't due to creative differences or problems with producing the film, but rather the fact that the brothers have hit a scheduling conflict and are instead turning their attention to Bring Her Back, which is being developed at A24 – the same studio behind the aforementioned Talk to Me.

The same report claims that both Legendary and Capcom were keen to get production rolling soon, something that is evidenced by the fact that the movie's logo was recently shown off to the public.

It's not currently known who will step into the director's seat for the movie.

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