Steel Legion
Image: Broke Studio

Broke Studio has partnered with the Canadian studio Aeon & Star Interactive to launch a Kickstarter for Steel Legion — a new Metroid-style 2D adventure for the NES.

The game sees players take control of a cyborg before exploring a cyberpunk universe to do battle against an evil A.I. intent on wiping out humanity. Similar to Metroid, players will need to explore their environment to uncover secrets and unlock new abilities to progress, with the world being split into four non-linear stages — each with its own unique bosses and quests to discover.

Here's the official story synopsis, taken from the Kickstarter:

"In the far-future dystopia of 2004, the world has fallen under the iron grip of a malevolent A.I. bent on wiping out humanity. Androids, once humanity's creations, now serve as the enforcers of this techno-tyrant. But one cyborg commando, rebuilt with a human heart and a mission to save mankind, rises from the ashes of battle.

Armed to the teeth and fueled by vengeance, you will go through a battleground where every neon-lit street is a warzone. It's man versus machine, metal against metal, in a battle for the fate of humanity itself.

In this pulse-pounding, adrenaline-fueled thrill ride, it's a fight to the death, and only one will emerge victorious: you or the A.I. Central Unit. Get ready for some cyborg commando action in... "Steel Legion"! "

The Kickstarter for the project went live yesterday with its developers stating that the game is already 100% finished and already works on real NES hardware. The funds raised, therefore, will go entirely toward the cost of manufacturing the physical editions, which include a standard pack (costing £43 or £39 via the Early Bird option) and a limited-edition collector's pack (priced at £68).

The standard pack includes a black cartridge, a box, a game booklet, and a digital copy of the OST, while the collector's pack comes with a silver cartridge and various other pieces of merch (like stickers, coasters, and posters). There's also a digital option available for £9.

So far, the Kickstarter has raised £16,540 of its £21,116 goal. You have until July 17th to back the project. There's also a demo currently available for you to try and a trailer that you can watch below.