Super Final Fight Promises A "More Authentic Arcade Experience" For Amiga Fans 4
Image: @Jonnysevern

As was so often the case back in the early '90s, the Amiga version of Final Fight is pretty rough. Ported to the computer by US Gold, it looked washed out and didn't play particularly well.

Fast forward to the present day, and we've got a new fan project which aims to remedy this injustice. Jonny Severn is working on Super Final Fight, an unofficial effort to produce a more authentic port of the game for Commodore's 16-bit system.

"Exciting progress on my Amiga (A500 - A600) Super Final Fight Project," says Severn. "I'm delving into the later levels and pushing the limits of the Amiga's copper for a more authentic arcade experience."

This isn't the only fan project focused on improving the Amiga port – last year, we reported on prototron1587's attempt to create a better version for the computer, but the dev's YouTube channel has since been removed, so we're unsure if that venture is still active.

Released to critical and commercial acclaim in 1989, Final Fight is one of Capcom's most celebrated coin-op titles. It has been ported to a wide range of systems since then, including the SNES, Sega CD and GBA.

Another fan remaster is currently in the works for the Genesis / Mega Drive.