Final Fight Toys
Image: 52Toys/Capcom

The Chinese toy manufacturer 52Toys has just announced a new collection of officially licensed figures based on Capcom's classic arcade beat 'em up Final Fight (as spotted by ToyArk!).

These figures, which will be released as part of the company's FigLite line, will stand 3.75 to 4-inch-tall and will include Cody Travers, Guy Armstrong, and Mike Haggar. The figures will be distributed in China in Q2 2024 and will be sold for RMB ¥169 each (which is roughly the equivalent of £18 or $24).

Each figure includes more than 20 moveable joints, in addition to a switchable head, two interchangeable hands, and a set of weapons. Cody, for instance, comes with a knife and an explosive; Guy comes equipped with a Muramasa and an explosive; and Haggar comes with a pipe accessory.