Mega Final Fight Could Become An Official Release 1
Image: Capcom

The developer behind the fan-made Genesis / Mega Drive port of Final Fight has revealed that it could become an officially licensed physical release with Capcom's blessing.

Mauro Xavier took to Twitter to state that he and his team are "currently awaiting a response from a distributor to make FFMD an official game authorized by Capcom" and that the version of the game released at the end of this month will be the last one until anything is confirmed in this regard.

Xavier adds that he had "given up hope" that an agreement with Capcom could be finalised, "but this distributor is big enough to try to convince Capcom. We just have to wait."

Mega Final Fight is an effort to bring the 1989 arcade title to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive in as faithful a manner as possible. The game was ported to Sega's hardware back in the '90s, but only for the Sega CD add-on and not the base console.