Final Fight
The Japanese box art for Final Fight. The American and European releases would get different art — Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

When Capcom released Final Fight on the Super Famicom at the close of 1990, it was, for some people, reason enough to purchase the system.

While Super Mario World, F-Zero and Pilotwings all understandably earned accolades for their groundbreaking gameplay, Final Fight was the most popular coin-op of the period – and plenty of people (your humble scribe included) were desperate to have a version to play at home.

The resultant port might not have been exactly what fans wanted (it was missing the two-player mode, the third playable character and an entire stage), but it was the best option at the time – and it also had some rather lovely cover art for its Japanese release.

It turns out that Akira 'Akiman' Yasuda – who worked as a planner on the game and whose artwork is synonymous with some of Capcom's most notable titles, including Street Fighter II – wanted to create the cover artwork for the game, and even sketched a mock-up of his idea. However, in the end, it was illustrated by an outside artist (thanks, @gosokkyu).

Final fight Cover
Image: Akiman

Posting on Twitter, Akiman said:

When Final Fight was released on the Super Famicom, I was going to draw a package picture, but the package picture was decided from the beginning by an outside illustrator. It may be, but at this time, I can understand that it was not particularly appreciated within the company. I secretly thought about this picture itself, but I think that it is not suitable for the package. But I think it's a good picture.