Golden Axe SecretBase
Image: Secret Base

Secret Base recently released Double Dragon Gaiden on modern-day systems, an official reimagining of the classic arcade beat 'em up.

It seems that Technos' famous brawler isn't the only old-school offering the developer wants to work on, as it has shown off a series of mock-ups which tackle a few other classic '80s properties.

As shared by Slopes Game Room, Secret Base has also created speculative mock-ups for Sega's Golden Axe, Capcom's Final Fight, Marvel's Avengers and the Hollywood movie franchise Ghostbusters. It has even shared some footage of the latter title. Some of these are quite a few years old, but they still look very cool.

Which of these would you like to see turned into a full game? Let us know with a comment below.

If you're interested in Secret Base's work, then you might want to check out the Double Dragon Gaiden review our pals over at Nintendo Life have posted. They awarded it 7 out of 10, saying:

Double Dragon Gaiden is beholden to some unique ideas, and they’re fairly well-applied. You can experiment with mix-ups and tag team advantages, and multiplayer makes things altogether more enjoyable, although it’s restricted to local co-op. But, being associated with Double Dragon is arguably to its detriment. It’s a game that has secrets to uncover, twists to happen upon, and plenty of cash grinding and unlocking to do. While initially fun to work through, how many times you’ll feel encouraged to replay the campaign is questionable, especially with its overall pacing and neutered thrill of brutally knee-slamming someone in the face. Still, it’s certainly worthy of attention for beat 'em up fans looking for old things in new forms.