Ghostbusters: Special Edition custom
Image: Toy Saurus Games

Earlier this year saw the release of an impressive new ROM hack for Ghostbusters on the Mega Drive/Genesis, which finally introduced the long-overlooked Winston Zeddemore into the game, alongside a new Nightmare mode, and other brilliant features.

The ambitious project, which was the work of BillyTime!Games, Master Linkeui, and days_danilo, turned out to be incredibly popular with Ghostbusters fans — many of whom inevitably wanted to know whether they would ever be able to get their hands on a physical version of the hack.

The hack's creators have stayed away from producing a physical cartridge of the modded game for fairly understandable reasons (such as to avoid unwanted attention from Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps). But in their absence, a custom creator named Toy Saurus Games has been selling physical copies for Ghostbusters fans over on Instagram, which are apparently all made to order (thanks GhostbusterNews!).

These physical editions feature all-new box art depicting the four Ghostbusters together, as well as a full-color instruction booklet, and an ectoplasm-themed cart that glows in the dark. Two variants have been produced so far, including a more common slime-green edition (unveiled back in May) and a new marshmallow version (revealed yesterday) that is limited to just 15 copies and will be exclusive to this month's Classic Console And Arcade Gaming Show, taking place in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ghostbusters: Special Edition custom
Ghostbusters: Special Edition in marshmallow — Image: Toy Saurus Games

These physical editions have proven so popular already that Toy Saurus Games has had to suspend orders on the Slime Green version in order to clear his current backlog. If you want to keep up to date with when orders are open again, we recommend following Toy Saurus Games over on Instagram.

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