Road Rash 2
Image: Electronic Arts

A modder has added a new save feature to Electronic Arts' Road Rash II and Road Rash 3 for the Mega Drive/Genesis thirty years after those two games were originally released.

Previously, players would have to memorize passwords to be able to maintain their progress, but this new feature enables a mechanism that saves your game following the completion of each level. You can then access the game options from the menu and load your save data. If nothing is found, it will simply load a black screen.

BillyTime!Games is the person responsible for these hacks. He previously added Winston Zeddemore back into the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of Ghostbusters and is also currently working on a Sega Channel revival.

BillyTime!Games designed these patches to be an amendment to TI's previous Improvement hacks for Road Rash II and 3, both of which aimed to increase the frame rate of those two games. In order to install the hack, you'll need the ROM for Road Rash II (REV02) and Road Rash 3, the improvement files from RDHN, and an IPS patcher.

Simply apply the two patches to your ROMs and it will create new versions of the games with these additional features enabled.

The Road Rash titles are a series of racing and vehicular combat games, which started life at Electronic Arts. In contrast to other racers, players could reach out and attack their fellow bikers. It was also possible to crash into deer and other obstacles in the road. The first game was published in 1991 in North America for the Genesis, with two further sequels following for the same machine.

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