Released in the mid-90s, Sega Channel was a joint venture between the popular video game company Sega and the major cable suppliers Time Warner and TCI that allowed players to download new games, game news, and tips to their Mega Drive or Genesis via an online cable connection and a special adapter.

The service officially launched in the US on December 12th, 1994, and was later rolled out to other regions, before being put to rest roughly four years later on July 31st, 1998. This means that it is now pretty much impossible for anyone new to find out what the service was actually like to experience back in the day, as TCI's satellites have long since stopped broadcasting the cable service.

A romhacker called BillyTime!Games, however, has been busy trying to correct this over the last few years, resurrecting the service as best as he can in the modern day. This has meant building a new offline recreation of the service on a month-to-month basis as a ROM that includes some of its most notable games and recognizable features. He started the project back in 2021 and recently revealed on Twitter that it will now be coming to an end, with the ROM for July '94 being the last of the uploads.

According to BillyTime!Games, this upload will mean that a full year's worth of Sega Channel has now been brought back from the dead (with some workarounds here and there), with players also being able to download a batch file created by Big Bang Blitz to "automatically load the current month's Sega Channel offerings as if they were connecting to the service".

We asked BillyTime!Games why he's decided to call time on the project now, and he responded that he has simply run out of new content for the uploads:

"The main reason I have stopped work with Sega Channel Revival is that I simply ran out of content. Originally I was making up content lists as I went along. After some valuable feedback, I fine tuned my approach to try and recreate the service based on all the game listed in the demo roms.

"Doing so meant I had to raise the ROM limit with a custom version of Genesis Plus GX as I didn't want to bug the devs over at GitHub for what would otherwise be a strange and illogical request.

"Each ROM could take two to four hours worth of programming. I would program several at a time just to make sure I had content and never felt too rushed in getting the roms out.

"Granted, not everything is perfect. Super Street Fighter 2 is missing the 4MB demo so Champion Edition took its place. Super Hang On was replaced as it simply won't load, SRAM enabled games don't save at all. Eventually I do hope that maybe I can iron out those issues. But I will state that if any more Sega Channel content drops, I'll be there day one."

You can find the final ROM on, along with the previous releases and the instructions on how to get them up and running. If you want to find out more about the Sega Channel, you can read our in-depth feature on the history of Sega Channel from last year too, featuring insights from former Sega Channel staff.