Super Smash Bros. mod Smash Remix just got another update, and this time it's introducing a character who has been out of the spotlight for far too long, if you ask us.

Thats' right, version 1.04 of Smash Remix adds in Konami's Goemon – or 'Mystical Ninja' as some of you might know him. This in itself is pretty cool, but that's not all; the new update also brings with it Peppy Hare (Star Fox), Slippy Toad (Star Fox), Polygon Ganondorf (Zelda) and Polygon Falco (Star Fox).

Smash Remix is described as a mod which aims to stay true to the feel of the original Nintendo 64 game while expanding it via new fighters and stages. It also has a focus on tournament-level play.

You can download V1.04 here.