Final Fight MD Dev "Tired Of Apologizing" Following Publisher Woes 1
Image: @OscarCelestini

The news that the Mega Drive is to get its own version of Capcom's Final Fight was welcomed by the Sega community a while back; developer Mauro Xavier's Final Fight MD project aims to give the console the most authentic port possible – even more so than the Sega CD version.

Xavier has been working on the game for some time and even stated at one point that Capcom might give the port its official blessing – but it now seems that the hopes of getting another company to publish the game have evaporated.

"I am tired of apologizing, enough with promises from other people or waiting for answers; this is the third time a supposed publisher has done this," says Xavier in his latest Patreon post. "I will develop Final Fight MD my way. If CAPCOM at least acknowledges it as a Mega Drive fangame, it will make me happy."

It would appear that Xavier's negotiations with publishers have come to a close:

I have held back the development of the game countless times at the request of supposed publishers and distributors. I can no longer stand being stuck and unable to move forward with other projects definitively because of this pending promise to deliver a game that I promised. I will focus more now on finishing FFMD my way and delivering it so that there is no longer this feeling of having not fulfilled my duty to the community.

Xavier adds that he's "not obligated to anything" and that "I can do it on my own time," but adds that "life isn't like that; I said I would make and deliver it, and I was held back several times waiting for empty promises. I no longer have any expectations of official recognition, no more feeding hope and leaving the game unfinished. You deserve my best, and that is what you will get from now on."

Xavier is also working on a Hexen-style game for the Mega Drive.