Mega Final Fight Dev Is Working On A Genesis / Mega Drive RPG Next
Image: @mxretrodev

Update [Mon 18th Mar, 2024 16:00 GMT]: Mega Final Fight dev Mauro Xavier has shared some footage of his forthcoming RPG / FPS hybrid, Into the Darkness.

He stresses that the footage is "very preliminary" and that "there is a lot to be done."

Even so, this early footage promises a title of Hexen-like proportions on your Mega Drive, which is no bad thing.

"You can get a sense of the objective of the FPS part of the game, despite it still falling far short of what I expect," Xavier adds.

He adds that he's even tempted to do a 32X version of the game once the 16-bit edition is completed.

Original Story [Tue 27th Feb, 2024 10:00 GMT]: Mega Final Fight dev Mauro Xavier has revealed that he is in the early stages of creating an RPG for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

The title is called Into the Darkness, and is giving us serious Dungeons & Dragons / Dungeon Master vibes.

He's only shown off an inventory screen so far and is keen to state that he must first concentrate on finishing his port of Capcom's 1989 side-scrolling fighter before he focuses on this new project completely.

"Let's say it's somewhere between a Dungeon Crawler + RPG + action FPS," is how he describes the project. "As for the character's appearance in the inventory, I won't be able to prioritize that at the moment, but if I have space left in the ROM I will make him change his appearance according to the item used."

He adds: "I intend to tell the story of a wizard, but as he is versatile, he can act as if he were a warrior, cleric, thief or other classes. When I have a sense of the space the game will occupy, I will then see if it will be possible to add more characters."

Xavier also revealed this month that Mega Final Fight – a port to the Mega Drive – might even get Capcom's official blessing.

Brazilian developer Xavier is hoping to provide players with the definitive Final Fight experience with the port. "I've always liked Final Fight, in addition to enjoying a good challenge, so I think the biggest reason for us making this port was to develop a game I like and at the same time learn more about the Mega Drive and SGDK programming."