Miyoo's Launching The Game Boy Micro-Style A30 This April 1
Image: @miyoomini

All eyes on are Miyoo's upcoming Flip handheld, but that's not the only thing the company is cooking up at present.

As reported by Retro Dodo, the firm has revealed another portable device called the A30. Boasting a design which is similar to the Famicom edition of the Game Boy Micro from a few years back, the A30 is basically the popular Miyoo Mini in a slightly different form factor.

Retro Dodo seems pretty confident that we won't see a spec bump with this model and that its screen and internal components will be identical to the existing Miyoo Mini.

Interestingly, an unofficial Miyoo news account is suggesting that the A30 will ship before the Flip, which was expected to arrive any day now.

"A few months ago we had been told that the Flip would be launched first before the A30, but there was a change of plans in the company, and the Miyoo A30 console would be launched first," says the Twitter account. "I hope for your support as in the other Miyoo consoles and then the Miyoo Flip will be launched."

[source retrododo.com]