Miyuu Mini Plus
Image: Retro Game Corps

The Miyoo Mini Plus is one of the more popular handheld emulation devices doing the rounds at the moment, thanks to its pocket-friendly design, great screen, low price and decent power.

However, if you've got one of these systems, you'll want to switch the operating system to OnionOS, a brilliant alternative to the stock OS which comes with a bunch of awesome features – with more on the way.

As reported by Retro Game Corps, OnionOS is getting an update which will enable users to create ad-hoc wireless networks between devices, allowing them to indulge in wireless multiplayer without having to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Another feature is the ability to trade and battle in the Game Boy Pokémon games on the Miyoo Mini Plus. This will basically replicate the functionality of the Game Boy's link cable – but without the cable.

It has been confirmed that this also allows you to play link cable games, like Tetris:

Check out the video below for advice on updating your Miyoo Mini Plus to the test build of OnionOS and how to set up ad-hoc netplay and Pokémon trading and battles.

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