Sega's Neptune Is Getting Revived In FPGA Form 1

Once upon a time, Sega had plans to release an all-in-one Genesis / Mega Drive and 32X home console called Neptune.

Those plans were scrapped when the 32X flopped and it became clear that Sega needed to focus on Saturn, but not before the company had shown off a prototype. That same design is now being used by Brazilian firm GamesCare, which has announced the GF1 Neptune, a FPGA-based clone which will run Mega Drive and 32X cartridges.

The GF1 will also feature wireless capabilities and its own online store, where new and exclusive titles will be available for purchase. It will also feature the ability to link up with the Sega CD. It will output in 1080p via HDMI.

A full reveal is scheduled for June 30th, alongside a new game from developer Versão Ltda.