Sega Neptune
Image: Macho Nacho Productions

If you know your Sega history, then you'll be aware of the Neptune. A Genesis / Mega Drive fused with the Sega 32X, this all-in-one system was designed to be a low-cost alternative to the 32-bit Saturn, which launched at the end of 1994 in Japan.

However, despite being shown off in the press and even getting a proposed retail price of $200 in North America, Neptune never made it to market. For that reason alone, it has become something of a 'Holy Grail' for Sega fans, who have been coming up with ways to replicate the all-in-one experience for over a decade now.

These mods have almost always involved placing the Genesis and 32X internals inside a Genesis Mk2 case, which is cool and all, but isn't quite as authentic as we'd like. Thank goodness, then, for modder DVIZIX, who has created a Neptune shell which you can 3D print.

YouTuber Macho Nacho Productions has taken this shell and, using the other mods created by Longhorn Engineer, Infidelity_NES and PCBAssembly99, created the closest thing to owning a real Neptune system.

The catch? There are some aspects of the mod which still need work – like a sticky power button – and the cost is pretty high. Macho Nacho's Tito says that the total cost for the production of all of the parts required in his mod was over $300 – and that doesn't include the donor parts you're going to have to source from actual Sega systems.

Still, can you put a price on owning the console of your dreams? Perhaps not...