Strictly Limited Games
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Publisher Strictly Limited Games – which specialises in physical editions of games for both modern and retro systems – is having a warehouse clearance for Black Friday, offering 20% off all items currently in stock.

While you might assume that Strictly Limited only deals in games for platforms like Switch and PS4, the company has actually produced several physical re-releases for vintage systems, such as the SNES and Mega Drive. The discount applies from November 24th until December 12th.

Strictly Limited was kind enough to send us a selection of these titles, which we've highlighted below.

Please note that the 20% discount is applied at checkout.

Wild Guns (SNES)

If you've been put off picking this superb SNES title thanks to its high price on the secondary market, then this is your chance to grab a copy for a lot less.

Strictly Limited's reprint includes an authentic-looking box and full-colour manual, too.

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Super Turrican Collection (SNES)

Strictly Limited Games
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Turrican has undergone something of a resurgence of late thanks to a new collection highlighting his adventures, but if you want to be truly old-school, then this double pack – which includes Super Turrican Director's Cut and Super Turrican on the same cartridge – is well worth a look.

It's a shame that the manual is literally a single folded piece of card, but you can't have everything.

Cotton 100% (SNES)

Released in 1994 and based on the original Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, this enhanced SNES version makes good use of the console's graphical muscle.

It was only released in Japan back in the day, so this Western version will be of particular interest to collectors.

Jim Power: The Lost Dimension (SNES)

An underrated 'Euro-style' action platformer with impressive visuals, Jim Power: The Lost Dimension originally arrived on the SNES back in 1993.

Zero Tolerance Origins (Mega Drive)

A FPS on the Mega Drive? You'd better believe it. Zero Tolerance turned heads when it was first released, thanks to its impressive Doom-style gameplay.

This cart includes Zero Tolerance and the previously unreleased sequel Zero Tolerance Underground.

Mega Turrican Director's Cut (Mega Drive)

As well as thrilling SNES owners, Turrican also made his way to the Mega Drive, and this pack pulls together Mega Turrican Director's Cut, Mega Turrican and Mega Turrican Score Attack for the most complete 'Sega Turrican' experience.