Final Fantasy Tactics Was Originally An RTS, And Here's What It Might Have Looked Like 1
Image: @yasumimatsuno

Final Fantasy Tactics turns 27 today – it was released in Japan on June 20th, 1997.

To mark this occasion, the game's director, Yasumi Matsuno, has shared some images of what the game almost looked like.

"This is a sample image from early 1996," says Matsuno on Twitter. "We had hoped to continue development with the aim of creating an RTS like 'Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen,' but unfortunately this was scrapped, and the game ended up being released in the form it is today. The strong jaggedness is due to the PlayStation's resolution at the time being 256x224."

As you can see, the game sports a different look to what we eventually got, and we have to admit, we're quite bummed out that we didn't get to see this version, as it looks fantastic.

Final Fantasy Tactics is regarded as one of the PS1's best games and was later remade for the PSP as Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

Another remake is in the works, according to reports.