Topple Zip
Image: Nintendo

The next PC-88 game coming to Nintendo Switch as part of D4 Enterprise's EGGCONSOLE rereleases will be Topple Zip — Bothtec's racing game/shoot-em-up hybrid.

Released for the PC-88, MSX, and Sharp X1 in 1986, it was also eventually brought over to other platforms such as the PC-98, FM-7, Famicom Disk System, and Windows computers.

The game sees players take control of a small yellow spaceship and race against other vehicles through various vertically scrolling stages. You can bump into the other ships or shoot at them, with the enemies occasionally dropping capsules that you can collect to access power-ups. The goal of the game is to travel through the various stages and find the key that is needed to unlock a warp to the last level.

Besides its genre-blending gameplay, one of the other most notable things about Topple Zip is its early use of hardware protection. The game shipped with a physical dongle that needed to be plugged into the computer to allow it to run. This needed to be inserted at all times or else the game would suspend your play session.

Topple Zip arrives on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan on June 26th. It is expected to hit Western storefronts shortly after.