Modder Leon Anavi has launched an open-source hardware project that allows you to use the Nintendo Wii Nunchuk as a USB controller.

This AVANI Handle – which is built around the Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 module – converts the Wii Nunchuk's input signals via a custom port into a standard USB HID device. This works without any extra drivers being required.

This means you can use the tiny controller on any device which accepts USB controllers – including retro gaming consoles, laptops and more. The firmware currently supports three mouse, joystick/gamepad, and keyboard modes.

Unlike other Wii Nunchuk adapters, Anavi's project is entirely open-source, with the KiCad hardware design files and CircuitPython available on GitHub.

The ANAVI Handle has launched Crowd Supply with a funding goal of $1. For $19 you get the board, acrylic enclosure, screws, and nuts. For $26, you also get a Nunchuk. Shipping starts in mid-July, 2024.