A new PC tool called N64Recomp is dramatically changing the way we experience N64 titles in the modern era.

Created by Mr-Wiseguy, the tool streamlines the process of getting N64 titles into a position where they can run natively on PCs, along with modern enhancements such as ray tracing, uncapped frame rates and ultrawide monitor support.

Of course, this isn't a new thing – we've already seen titles like Mario 64 get decompiled and ported to PC – but what makes Mr-Wiseguy's recompilation tool so special is that it can be applied to (potentially) all of the console's library, rather than just a single game.

Recompilation is different from decompilation in that none of the data is 'readable', and all that is required to run the recompiled version is the original ROM.

To show off the tool, Mr-Wiseguy has released Zelda64Recomp, which ports The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask to PC.

This could be transformative to the world of N64 emulation, as it will allow many more N64 titles to be enhanced and enjoyed by generations to come.