These days, stores are pretty savvy about the value of retro games. We've got dedicated shops which specialise in selling vintage gaming hardware and software, so the chances of picking up a bargain from an unsuspecting retailer are slimmer than ever – but that isn't to say it can't still happen.

YouTube Steve Wright Jr (AKA Mr. Wright Way) has evidence of this; he visited his local GameStop after hearing that a bunch of 'Sega games' had been traded in. When he arrived, he found a truly amazing haul of Saturn titles, all priced way below their market value.

Shining Wisdom, for example, can fetch around $250 on eBay (GameStop price: $90), Sonic R $200 (GameStop price: $85), Sonic Jam $250 (GameStop: $99), Dragon Force $400 (GameStop: $99) and Shining Force III $340 (GameStop: $99).

GameStop Customer Scores A Sega Saturn Motherlode Worth Over $2000 For 500 Bucks 1
Image: @SteveWrightJr

However, the most impressive item in Wright Jr's haul was Burning Rangers, a copy of which recently sold on eBay for over $800 (GameStop priced it at $99).

What's even better is that because he's part of GameStop's Pro Member service, Wright Jr got a small discount on the price of each game, making it even more of an unbelievable bargain.

Granted, some of the cases were damaged (a common issue with North American Saturn packaging), but all of the games are complete and in good condition, making this a particularly amazing score.

What's even more incredible is that Wright Jr later managed to track down the person who had traded in all of the Saturn games and struck another deal for some more amazing titles – including Panzer Dragoon Saga, which is considered to be one of the rarest Saturn games in its North American format.